独家专访:比利时铁路货运新热土,LCT 列日集装箱码头

LCT(列日集装箱码头)内港集装箱码头,与安特卫普和鹿特丹的海港有驳船连接。旗下 LLI(列日物流多式联运货运场站)是列日本地的铁路运输平台,负责管理与中国和意大利的铁路运输。

Liege Container Terminal(LCT )is the only container terminal in Liege and the only trimodal terminal in Wallonia on the axe between the deep sea ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge and the economic hinterland of Belgium, Northern France and Germany. The mission of Liege Container Terminal is to become the best in class partner for all actors involved in the logistic chain beit shippers, carriers, forwarders, port authorities and terminal operators and this in the most neutral way.

LCT (Liege Container Terminals) are our both river platforms in Liege with barge connections to the seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. LLI (Liege Logistics Intermodal) is rail platform who manages the rail connections with China and Italy.

近期,探索新丝路对比利时列日集装箱码头(LCT )负责人布拉姆(Bram Amkreutz)进行了独家专访,为我们揭秘列日的铁路货运的发展状况。

1. 与杜伊斯堡DIT场站,汉堡港等相比,列日集装箱码头(LCT )的物流优势是什么?(Logistic advantages of Liege Container Terminal, compared to DIT, Hamburg etc.)

列日集装箱码头(LCT )毗邻欧洲最大的货运机场之一烈日机场,在航空物流方面与中国的合作已经很多(并会越来越多)。如今,列日的内陆河港LCT,铁路场站LLI是客户连接中国的新选择。 列日可以被视为一个HUB-通过空中,海上,铁路和公路运输服务于整个欧洲的理想地点。

此外,这里的海关程序可能比德国的程序稍微简单一点(例如,没有ATB档案)。 我们目前正在进行大量改进,以确保未来的进一步增长。

Next to the vicinity of one of the biggest freight airports of Europe with already a lot (but still an increasing amount) of connections to China, together with the river platforms LCT, LLI is the last missing link for customers to connect to China. Liege can now be seen as a perfect location for a HUB to serve all of Europe via air, sea, rail and road.

Next to that, the customs procedures are a bit less complicated than in Germany for example (no ATB docs). Also capacity wise a lot of improvements are currently being done to ensure further growth in the future.

2. 如今,列日集装箱码头(LCT )每年运营超过100,000 TEU。是否超负荷,现在每周有多少列车到站,与布雷斯特/马拉,意大利有什么关系呢?(You already operated over 100,000 TEU yearly, do you have the problem of capacity, how many trains do you have now per week, what kind of relation, any relation to Mala/Brest, Italy?)

我们目前每周有9趟列车到意大利,每周有1趟(很快就会有2趟)到达中国(郑州)。 布雷斯特/马拉和列日之间没有任何关系,除了火车从这那里进入/离开的事实。 但是,对于意大利而言,列日可以成为将货物从中国运往意大利的完美中转站,因为列日和意大利之间的列车频率很高。

尽管我们的铁路平台的终端容量目前正变得相当有限,但我们正在检查扩展场站容量的可能性。 除此之外,我们正在增加两个河流码头的容量,这两个码头都有铁路通道。 两个码头都位于铁路港口10-20分钟的车程内,也是列日能提供的其他可能的选择。

We currently have 9 trains per week to Italy and 1 (soon 2) trains per week to China (Zhengzhou). There is no relation between Brest/Mala and Liege, apart from the fact that the train is entering/leaving from this point. For Italy however, Liege can be a perfect transit station to transport the goods from China to Italy, as there is a high frequency of trains between Liege and Italy already.

Even though terminal capacity at our rail platform is becoming rather limited at the moment, we are, checking the possibilities to expand our terminal. Next to that we are increasing the capacity at our both river terminals, that both have rail access as well.  Both terminals are located within 10-20 minutes driving time of the rail port and hence a good alternative to still profit of all the advantages Liege has to offer.

4. 根据我们的调查,目前每月大概只有3—6趟往返郑州的列车,是从马拉/布雷斯特的直达列车,还是从汉堡或者杜伊斯堡出发呢?(According to our research, there are only 3 to 6 trains to and from Zhengzhou per month, are they direct trains from Mala/Brest, or also through Duisburg oder Hamburg?)

前往列日的火车是从马拉/布雷斯特出发的直达列车,中间不转停其他任何场站。 那样只会增加运输时间。而时间是铁运与海运相比的主要优势。

The trains going to Liege are direct trains from Mala/Brest and do not transit to any other terminal. This would only increase the transit time, which is the main advantage of the rail compared to the sea freight.

5.我们希望向潜在的投资者或铁路运营商展示列日集装箱码头的发展潜力,你可能知道,杜伊斯堡的DIT每周有30—35列车往返中国。列日是否有可能成为中欧班列的另一个分销枢纽?(We would love to show more potential investors, or railway operators aboutpotential development of Liege Container Terminal, as you may know, DIT in Duisburg, which has 30/35 trains per week to and from China. As Liege Container Terminal, do you see any potential of becoming another distribution Hub for chinese trains?)

从非常短期时间看(在未来6个月内),增加列车数量将比预期更加困难。 然而,从短期中期看(最长1 - 2年),列日的场站承载力和铁路容量都不会成为问题。


On very short term (within the next 6 months) it will be more difficult to increase the amount of trains more than is already foreseen. However, on short-medium term (1-2 years max) neither terminal, nor rail capacity will be an issue in Liege.

Personally, I think Liege has an enormous potential and do believe in its possibility to become the next distribution HUB for Chinese trains!

6. 许多中国铁路平台公司都在为他们的火车路线寻找新的替代线路。我们相信会有更多的场站会出现在我们面前,服务也将得到极大改善。(Many chinese platforms are looking for alternatives for their train routes. We believe there will be more terminals come to our sight, and the service will be hugely improved.)


Personally, I do believe that the Liege solution will become a good alternative for the German platforms since the biggest bottleneck (being able to expand capacity in Germany) is not relevant for Liege.

7.中欧班列就像催化剂一样,它为潜在的中国投资者,例如物流产业,制造业等带来了很多关注度。在中国和欧洲的许多大型组织的期望中,我们今年将组织一个高质量的企业家代表团, 希望我们能向他们展示您的场站,以及投资列日地区的潜力。(Chinese trains is like catalyst, it brings a lot of attention for potential chinese investors, logistics property, manufacturing etc. Under request of many big organisations in China and Europe, we will organise a delegation which consists of high quality companies and organisations this year, hope we could show them your terminal, and the potential of investing in Liege area.)


We would be more than happy to welcome you and the delegation.

8. 如您所知,中国平台公司正在寻求场站作为并购目标,对此您有什么建议吗?(As you know, chinese platforms are seeking Terminal M&A target, how do you find it and do you have any suggestions?)


In principle we’re not opposed to this, however independence is often key to be able to offer a great and neutral service.